Drawing from his deep knowledge of music production and vocal performance, Jerry helps artists create their best work. An experienced singer/songwriter and musician himself, Jerry understands the unique conditions of live and studio performance from the artists' perspective. 

Music production samples:


“The best producers are fearlessly creative—chasing greatness takes real courage. Jerry has it in spades.”  
     - KJ of The Oddysy, electronic alt-pop artist

"I worked with Jerry on the production of my debut EP, Vagrant Bird, and was grateful for Jerry’s above and beyond caliber of studio performance coaching and music production. Unlike other producers I worked with, Jerry consistently maintained a clear perspective on which notes or words needed work, and how to best address each. With a cinematic sonic vision, Jerry also exceeded my expectations with arranging strings and vocal harmonies. Jerry is generous with his time and genuinely cares about the growth of his artists. "
     - Yify Zhang,  singer-songwriter


What does music production entail?

Arranging, recording, playing or programming sounds, getting the best performance out of the artist, working with the musicians, choosing the most sensible recording environment, finding the right mixing and mastering engineer, there's a lot involved! For some self-contained projects, Jerry handles everything himself at his studio. For larger projects, Jerry works with the optimal team and space to get the job done. 

How far along should my song be?

Jerry has created fully produced tracks from simple iPhone demo recordings. He has also worked on projects that already had existing music production in place, but needed to be fully realized and taken over the finish line (i.e. by optimizing the arrangement, recording the best vocal performance, replacing sampled instruments with the real thing, mixing / mastering).

What are your rates?

Rates can vary significantly depending on the project. Use the INQUIRE / BOOK PROJECT button below to get in touch and receive details. Note: Only a few projects are taken per year in order to give the best possible effort to each, so please reach out as early as you can.