Vocal coaching by Jerry Jean


Jerry Jean's voice clients include recording artists, Broadway singers, and people who simply want to explore their passion for singing. He has worked with Grammy, Tony, and Emmy winning artists, winners of The Voice, and everyday people who sing to feed their soul. Adept with the art and science of the voice, Jerry has guided his clients to healthy vocal production, higher artistry, and performance success.  

"I cannot express enough how much Jerry has been a part of my artistic growth and success over the many years we have worked together. It is people like him who help raw talents like myself shape a long lasting career in the music field. He helped me stretch my range and showed me how to not be afraid of my voice. This is a tricky thing to do with a self-conscious recent grad who was taught to sing only legit soprano in a belter's world. Jerry helped me finesse and control my mix and my belt before I really knew what those things were. Now I have taken that knowledge and have sung all over the world."  - Krystal Joy Brown - 4 Broadway shows including Motown (Diana Ross)

"He has a gift of really getting the best out of each student by individualizing his approach and relating to them through their personal language of expression.  Jerry’s energy as a teacher is very passionate and positive, yet at the same time very much grounded in reality. One of the reasons why he is able to tailor his instruction to his students in such an individualized way is because of his vast knowledge not only in technique but music history/styles as well. He is very eclectic, intelligent, and intentional in his approach to teaching. He never tried to fit me into a cookie cutter box but instead allowed me to explore and develop into an artist that was confident in my technique and in command of my instrument." - Azudi Onyejekwe - The Great Comet; singer-songwriter


Is vocal technique taught in addition to vocal coaching?

Yes.  A beginner may need more fundamental vocal technique training, focusing on proper alignment, breathing, and healthy vocal production.  An advanced singer might focus more on the performance aspects of their songs (i.e. style, storytelling), and often come in for audition and performance coaching. Jerry can also play any sheet music on piano brought into the studio (and often creates piano practice tracks remotely for clients), so singers can work on their material with accompaniment.

How many sessions do you recommend?

Once a week for 3 months is a schedule that produces great results. But clients can always drop in as needed to prepare for auditions and performances.  

Do you work with non-singers?

Yes, clients include people outside the music and theater industries. Singing, like a sport, involves muscle coordination training, and anyone can make improvements. Singing can also be incredibly therapeutic for people regardless of profession.

What are the rates?

Package rates and a sliding scale are available. Use the INQUIRE / BOOK SESSION button below to get in touch and receive details.

Cancellation policy?

Please give at least 24 hours notice if you need to change your session to avoid being charged for the reserved session.